Friday, May 29, 2009

lazy blogging within these holidaysssss.....lolz

few things happened within my holidays...

After blogged the Ipoh trip photos last week, i stopped to blog cos of LAZINESS.....hahaha.....and now am here to blog cos got such a big happening just right outside my house yesterday....the old Jaya building...a part of it RUNTUH!!!!!!!!!!!! walaoeh....really shocked!!!!!!!!

Last Friday, 22nd of May, I went out with my secondary school friends to The Gardens Red Box K-lunch...then we planned to walk around together....around 3 something, my friend Gennie got a call from her classmates that her result was released and she was worrying about it, then she went to check at the area which had the Wi-Fi service...around 4pm we got to know that she got a bad news so she directly back home with her bf, and yet we all just separated cos wai man wanna went back yet the couples wanted to go to The Gardens. So, I walked at Mid Valley alone for 2 hours then only i got back home....I bought Loreal products and Asience shampoo products cost me around RM 70 for the day..... it was just not a good day for me last Friday.......

Few days passed again within this holidaysssssssss....really damn bored.....except online, clean my room, do my laundy, sleep, eat and shit.....nothing else i can do......oh yea...the important thing is FACE MASQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Tuesday, 26th of May was ah kei's bday. So, Chin Yee, Ah Kei and I went to Neway for K-lunch with our member price, RM 5++. We paid RM 12.30 included tax per person cos we ordered the food cost RM 9.80++ per person...=.= if we all din order the food, it might RM 5++ only per time better go to Red Box for K-lunch with student price, only cost us RM 11.50 included tax....then we all walked around at One U after 2.30pm, went to Secret Recipe to celebrate ah kei's bday...chit-chatted and took photos together....around 6 something we went to Hong Kong Chit-Chat restaurant had a drinks...then we all went back before 7pm...I went to wait for the U88 and dunno why, the bus never showed up for half an hour.....luckily my brother Aaron called me for dinner and he requested to pick me up at One i waited for him and we went dinner together at SS2...really damn long time never met my brother Aaron, he was extremely tired when i saw him.....haha...he should get a good rest after the job he done...

Wednesday...i stayed at home.......normal life~~~~I got a call from UTAR.....stupid UTAR...really stupid and slow!!!!!!!! after a year i stopped study at utar only they called me, asked about do u want to continue study at utar, or withdrawal......? I said that I had get an offer from Segi college Subang Jaya last year May, now only they called up for such stupid thing......the next day i had to go there and fixed the prob...really troubling this stupid UTAR!!!!! sienzzzz

Thursday which was yesterday, I went to UTAR after lunch time.......i settled my thing before 2pm then i called Eddie where's him cos the day before chatted with him that I think i will go to MV to buy some stuff...he was there and he almost went for the i asked him, after the movie then sms me see whether am i done with my shopping.....I went to MV at 3pm...bought the baby stuff for aunt's sister's grandsons.....they are twins boys~~~~~I saw the younger one before i went to Utar........ok...then 3 of us included Eddie's friend went to Kimgary yam cha but I got order Korean Mee to eat cos it was my dinner......aroudn 6pm we left, but before that we went to Starbucks first cos Eddie wanna get the Todays newspaper see whether his photo of being interviewed has published or something wrote by the journalist with what had done with the interview with Eddie had published at Times Square before he went to G.H. with his cousins last Friday morning. When i got back to Section 14, what a big news make me shocked of it.......a part of the old Jaya building RUNTUH!!!!!! heard that 4 workers were dead, we prayed hard to the victims...amen~

today went to work at MV........haih...MV AGAIN~~~~~ 2 days also went to MV......but different thing......worked for the whole day just staying there be model ppl approach us cos today's main menu was not doing sales, but photoshooting only........lunch-->> Kimgary again cos got membership 10% discounts, then dinner>> secret recipe cake from one of our promoter but not working today, Kang wei's bday....happy bday to him as 22nd old.......went back home around's time to sleep after talked to sook yan and yow lee....tmr going to bukit bintang doing something, shopping for a while then have to rush to the full moon dinner at damansara.....good night! photos wont be uploaded here, just get update with my facebook.....

arigatou.....bye bye............

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Since holidays started...

Wow...since holidays started, I never blogging......because busying with Astro, hanging out, yam cha, staying in shop when I got back to Sandakan...before going back to Sdk, me and my mum went to Ipoh on 4th to 5th of May. My mum came to kl on the 2nd of May then i brought her around KL, we bought the bus tickets to Ipoh on the 3rd of May which was Sunday and we went to Bukit Bintang after that. We woke up before 7.30am, damn early man!! haha...but still we arrived at Pasar Seni around 9am then we had breakfast at Pasar Seni and we walked to Puduraya Bus Station waited the bus for 10 minutes and we got to the bus, bus started at 10.23am.
But our trip still fun although a day only...
Let's see some pics that i took...

Food in Ipoh

Ipoh Sha Ho fun

Nam Tin Tong

Before entering to Sam Bou Tong

Sam Bou Temple

Mum and me

Sam Bou Tong

Am in front of the Sam Bou Tong

This way to the Tortoise Pond

wow...many sizes of tortoise...

at tortoise pond

Ling Sen Tong

a nice long dragon

Ling Sen Tong (Ling Sen Yan)

The Journey to the West
haha...pretending shun wu kong

Tong Sam Zhong's white horse

I looked small with them...hahaha

Yue Lao

Ops..i don't know who is this =p

Shen Yi Hua Tuo


Tong Sam Zhong

Fo Yuan

Amy Chin

Gun Yem Pou Sat

Ling Sin Ting

Guan Dei

in front of the temple

Choi Sen

Money Money come come!!!

Zai Gung...his body always itchy and he scratch his body ALWAYS...hahaha

Chei Tin Dai Seng Xun Ng Hung

Mum's zodiac

Dad and sis's zodiac

VC's zodiac...piggie...hahaha

Before leaving Ling Sen Tong

A tasty soya bean that famous in Ipoh

Ipoh streets

firstly i saw the cloud looked like a lion laying down =)

In front of Perak Tong

Perak Tong
Wei Shan Zhui Le

Guang Zhong Fu Tian

what a nice place
Amy Chin

Before leaving Perak Tong

A monkey was climbing to the roof
Night view from Tower Regency Hotel

The hotel room

the beds

Morning view from the hotel

we had our lunch at Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum S/B

Cha Siu Bao

Loh Mei Gei

Ha Gao

They called this as Yu Mai but we called it as Fish Balls

Siu mai

Fa Guen

Ha mai
Foh San is also a famous dim sum restaurant in Ipoh but under renovation, heard that a hotel is under construction

after we finished our lunch at Ming Court, my dad's friends brought us to this famous Thean Chun restaurant at Gao Gai Cheong to try the sha ho fun, they said this was different with others

Thean Chun Yum Bing Sat

The famous sha ho fun in Thean Chun Restaurant, this restaurant was established many years ago~! wow~~~~~~
...The end of the trip...