Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amy been sick for the 2nd week...

I heard from Thanuja and Serena about MIS 101 got quiz, then online Edward told me this quiz carried 15%...hopefully i can replace to take it tmr by finding Mr. Chong to argue about it, cos I really sick and need to rest at home, no choice....

Today I used a SKINLITE Green Tea Essence mask which is made from Korea. I bought from SaSa last week at Sunway Pyramid after did the research of Sociology, the original price was RM 6.90 but there's a promotion price with only RM 4.75, dicount 31% from the normal price...
What a great masl, it can cover my eyes too, so it's comfortable when I place it to my face for 20 to 30 mins...FIRM & FRESH!!

Today drank 2 big cups of 500ml Acerola Cherry which is full of Vitamin C

Green Tea Essence Mask

Green Tea Essence Mask
Everybody can get a try, get it at SaSa now!! ops..sounds I am promoting mask here, I think i will buy another flavour if I go to SaSa again...
It's time to complete chapter 8's concept map...going to present to Ms. Aiena tomorrow....bye guys!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Batu Caves & PEUGEOT photos uploaded!


Muruga Lord

Amy and the pigeons


I look so happy

many visitors on weekend

our group photo

I like this pic

My friends were taking pics behind me..

4 girls

On the way went up to the cave, 272 stairs

View from the stairs of the park, need to pay for the entrance, so we all didn't enter

Marc (the passbyer), Gennie and Amy

The passbyer- Marc again, Joyce and Amy
7 of us, our group pic on the stairs...

After arrived to the cave

Inside the cave

There is a history about this cave, but we all not really know about it

We went up to the highest cave

Joyce and me were shocked of this monkey, it suddenly ran away from all of us quickly

After went up to the highest cave

the view

6 of us in praying post, Fei helped us to take this pic

1,2,3,4,5,6,7...Thanks to a foreigner took this pic for us

Before leaving Batu Caves

A good shot in the afternoon because not many people visiting

Mid Valley...

Promoting PEUGEOT 207 CC

I was going to drive it home from MV South Court

Gennie and me posting

After dinner I bought a pair of shoes at MCKY

Guess HOW MUCH?? =)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a wonderful day~~

Yesterday i was too tired to online for blog......so i din write it...now i should replace it......hehe
Yesterday was Saturday (28.03.09). We, 7 people all from Sabah visited to Batu Caves...it's a great day to be!

Before going to Batu Caves, we all met up at Wangsa Maju LRT at 10am but waited for Marc cos he was late, then we had our breakfast in an air-corn restaurant near the LRT (forgot what name is the restaurant)... we chit-chat until 11.10am then we left, continue our journey...we got 2 taxis to drive us to Batu Caves (3 of us sitted in one taxi and the 2 couples sitted in one taxi)...haih..the taxi driver who is an uncle not really know English i think, we said Batu Caves, he said where was it =.= then i told him "黑风洞" only he got what we meant....this taxi which i sitted with Marc and Joyce was not really honest, the meter was RM 8.20 + charged RM 0.30 also only RM 8.50 after we arrived to Batu Caves but my friend paid him RM 10, he just gave back the change of RM 1 only...this taxi uncle really shit..chinese somemore.....adui...."ying sui sai".....so one person divided equally RM 3...

Well, we arrived to Batu Caves first before them..so we waited until Pui Kuen called us that they arrived and waiting at the entrance, we just waited beside not far from the entrance only....haha...

Before we went up to the 200++ stairs, we got take much photos in front of the Muruga Lord by posting different pattern of post...we had take group photo as well....We went to the toilet before going up and we found that why Women's toilet got boy's toilet style......is it for child use? hahaha........
We started our journey to go on the stairs....we walked until 112 stairs then we had a rest first before continue our journey walking up to the cave...of course no doubt, took pics again.... a passerby who was a foreigner offered to help us take a group pic...how kind of the foreigner, then I said Thanks to him cos he was holding my camera but I found out that said Thanks also useless but quite funny cos HE DIDN'T PRESSED MY CAMERA PROPERLY for that photo!!! hahaha...but nvm...Amy had a really very good skill in taking big head pic, so we had one before he offered his help to us...

Rest finished so we continued our journey walking up until 272 stairs...wow..wonderful..I was the first one who arrived at the top among they all...hahaha...so we went in the cave..see what's there....nothing special but we knew that there's a history about how's this cave was there naturally...we saw some souvenirs selling in the cave too.......there are many monkeys around there but they never disturb people, so it's still ok for me...a monkey was eating an apple on the floor, so we all surrounded it, I think it was scared of we step on it's tail so it suddenly ran away from our sight...WHAT THE HELL! IT MADE JOYCE AND ME SHOCKED OF THAT cos suddenly went away in front of us yet it's tail was so long...it climbed to somewhere else then sitted and some of my friends still wanna take pics with the monkey who were eating an apple...hahaha...we went up to the highest cave...just looked around, sitted and rest...snap-shot with Gennie...then we all took group pics...a foreigner was so kind, she helped us to take...quite nice too...we thought of wanna post the style of Qian Shou Guan Yin but can't cos the stairs were not allow us to do so...it's not stable also...so we just abandoned it...Gennie bought a keychain of the Muruga Lord to prove that she went there before, then we all went down after visited...

ok...we were done with walking down...we saw a disabled people selling the hand-made keychains,so i bought one worth RM 5, another couple also bought one...the SAXOPHONES were so nice!!! We all went in a souvenir shop but there was nothing special (it's a hot day so we went in just for rest under the fan/ air-corn...haha)...we took some pics before leaving in front of the Muruga Lord too...

We went out and decided to take bus to go to KL, Gennie and Kar Hong wanna go to Mid Valley so i followed because i can back to my house easily from Mid Valley while Marc wanna back home by LRT too, so all of us just take the same bus to go to Pasar Seni by No.11 Metrobus..we 3 girls (Joyce, me and Gennie) sitted behind and we chatted so much...talked about many things...until we arrived to Kota Raya only we stopped and went to take U67 to Mid Valley, Ah Fei and Jocelyn also wanna follow because they wanna went to the camera fair in the exhibition centre..so 5 of us went while Marc and Joyce went back home respectively...around 3.45pm we arrived to Mid Valley, we accompany Gennie and KH went to Fotokem at the LG Floor to ask for the free develop service and they developed a free calendar from there, the sales girl asked them to come back after 2 hours...then we went up to MVEC for the camera fair...there had also another one bridal fair...but we din care it and went to the DCIM roadshow...Ah Fei and Jocelyn were looking for camera so 3 of us just walked around and we met Vun Fui there...chatted a while then we wanna find back Fei and Kuan, they went back dy without inform us but just sent a sms to Gennie =.=

I just remembered that I need to go to MPH to get a book for Cheung, but before that we saw PEUGEOT roadshow at the south court so we went and see....took pic of the 207 CC too...hehe....after that I accompanied Gennie and KH went to City Chain to buy watches because they got the nearly expired (31st of March 09) voucher, so they wanna used it...they bought watches around RM 432 for 2..is worth for Solvil brand...house brand...hehe...am not really into it...they told what to me so i just stated it here...=P then we went to MPH to get the book namely Sun Tzu Strategies Marketing...the book cost me RM 43.80.

wow...we had skipped lunch, no wonder we were so hungry...hehe...actually at first wanna search for the Prince Cafe which is near the North Court but unluckily it was closed down without any noticed....so sad..thought of wanna went to Kimgary again but quite bored lar everytime go to the same restaurant to dine...then we search food court at The Garden...went back to mid valley at LG floor again, at last we searched!!! promotion price RM 6.90 for Yoshinoya's terriyaki...

FULL~!!! We chit-chatted and I thought it was the time for me to go back because today i got a job which I needed to wake up very early...we went up to G floor and I suggested to go in MCKY to have a look since there's a sales on! I saw a very nice and beautiful bag with a reasonable price but I din buy it, ended up bought a pair of shoes which cost me RM 29 only!!! Imagine a pair of original price RM 99 deducted RM 70...of course i will buy that pair of shoes...as all we knew, MCKY's thingy all are very expensive even a piece of tshirt it cost a lot...hehe..so happy to get it!!!

Well, during I was waiting the bus to go back home, I called Nixon to confirm about the job thingy, so sad he told me that the job has been cancelled cos no need that much promoters to be there...and he said that 2 of us (Nixon and me) no need to wake up that early just because of this job....oww...need to wait until PC Fair only i got jobs.....sobz sobz....

yesterday was the earth hour that started at 8.30pm to 9.30pm...I participated in this activity too...I arrived home around 8.30pm so I din on my room's light...until 9.32pm only i switch on it...between that time I was chatting with Cheung on the phone yet still on my PC..hehe...chatted with my sister too...

wow...a day passed and I waited today just because wanna get my things from Dad...argh....around 2 something i called him and asked him where's him, he said he's going to find Brother John to have a drink and will tell me their location...i waited...waited and waited...it was 5pm dy..only my dad called, ask me go to Imbi cos he wanna went to Metrojaya...so i said ok then I need to out today cos tmr my classes are from morning till afternoon, no time to meet him up tmr...

i used around one hour to arrive TS, dad told me that he was at SW, so i walked there again...he sms me that he was at Watsons, so I found him there and asked me whether around there have any Hardware shop...I said may be TS got cos i was not sure...ended up No...so we went to Mid Valley again by bus at KL sentral (U63)..i never tried to go Mid Valley 2 times a week where it was weekends...this was my first time to do so...he got what he want at ACE Hardware shop, then we went for our dinner at Teppanyaki around 9pm..wow..damn starving man!

FULL~~~ it's time to go back....I saw U85 was there so I sitted in and change bus at Universiti...wow..luckily U88 was after U85, and I went up...arrived home around 9.50pm...after bath it was 10.25pm dy...what a tiring day!!!

It's time to sleep cos my hair was dried....nightzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sick for the 5th day

I need rest very well........so I slept quite early and yesterday my sociology group went to do research at sunway pyramid...our research is about put a subject on a person's back and see whether people walking around are they going to help to take it out or not.....but sadly..nobody help, just pointing.....laughing.........see, MALAYSIAN? may be they scared of cheating? haih...

Today around 11 am something, my promoter head called, asked me whether i free or not today, i said i have things to do, so he said nvm..but what i expected was he going to find ppl to work today, it's too rush for me, i need to study Sociology for the quiz on monday (Eddie told me), I said only but I didn't do at all....hahaha.......

Around 5pm, wow...raining heavily...so bad, the clothes I washed won't dry today, so just now around 9pm i get all of them back to my room and let them dry by fan =) more fast! haha.....

yeah..tmr am going to Batu Caves with my secondary school friends, sounds fun! tmr am going to have fun with them....i think am going to recover soon from my flu...poor Amy...I cannot stay until late at night, will be get sick easily if keep on few days on sleeping late...but no choice, busying with the assignments...

it's time to sleep.......waiting for tmr's trip to Batu Caves!!! yeah...night!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

busying with computer reformat...

Computer showcase was overed and the 40 pages ++ report have to submit by yesterday too, Mr. Chong's rules were send the soft copy to his formal email before the class started and submit the hard copy to him during the class was going on.....=.= he really so much expectations on us, everything rush us...dunno what for lar.....my friend told me that they never sleep the night before because of the 40 pages report, dunno what to include in it if really out of mind...just craps? may be........poor Eddie and Vivian...and also others who were taking Mr. Chong's subjects...pity...

I was busying with computer reformat yesterday because of the system problem...haih....really troubling my time...I was sick and slept late.....I should get a good rest during sick time if my computer never make such problem to me.....I used to do the concept map but until half only then I went to sleep...

Today suppose I need to wake up at 9am or at least 9.30am, but I slept until 10am because of too tired and sick...I promised to Eddie and Vivan that we were going to have lunch together because their class ended at 11am...Eddie sms me said that their class ended early and Vivian was not going to join us because she got sociology research to do at 1st Floor, so just 2 of us went to Summit and had our lunch....

Our lunch was Nissin noodles at Uncle John's Kopitiam AGAIN since Monday~ and today only...yesterday I already at home around 12pm after computer class...today gen. psy. class was Eddie and Vivian's turns to present on Chapter 8 Motivation.....they did a good job... =)

I was very tired during the class because I was having fever until now......so it's time to bed....night~

Monday, March 23, 2009

The MIS 101 Showcase...Let's view some photos~~~

Our banner with colourful alphabet of "RESEARCH"



Roto-Copter (wrong spelling of the photo)

Visitors name list...

Doctor or Scientist? hahaha....

3 of us

The speakers with 3 of us

Ling Ling & our group

Mr.Chong with our group

Amy & the intelligent girl, Thanuja

Suddenly Mr. Chong joined us~~


Usha, Amy and Thanuja

My group of 5


Last pic of us...

Before I left...=)