Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LET'S CELEBRATE!!! HOLIDAYS BEGIN~~~~~ HURRAY~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! is my last paper exam....3 of us decided to go mid valley after the last paper on Monday... today is a great day~~~

After we all finished the exam, 3 of us found our basic comp lecturer for last semester, Ms. Laura Durr took photo cos she is going back to US on she'll be back to lecture us again...all the best to you, Ms. Laura~~~

Ms. Laura and us..take 1

Take 2

After the photoshooting session, we went to Mid Valley cos Vang need to buy dress to attend her sister's wedding on Sunday...we went to Kimgary to have our meal first because before the exam, we never eat anything...

Ah D was waiting his food...

Vang waiting for her food patiencely

D and Vang

After the food is served, Ah D ACT like so excited to see the food in front of him!!! hahaha...

OMG!!! What happened to Ah D?? Funny look? Crazy for food dy?????

At last, a normal pic..hahaha...

Vang posing

Amy and Vivian

At last my food is served!!! DAMN HUNGRY MAN!!! Today just ate 1 meal only (3 IN 1)


Vang and her food

Ah D and his food

My food~~ DELICIOUS!

Vang tried on a dress but ended up didn't buy cos too expensive...

haha she was excited with it...


3 of us

beh song ar? lolz

I like the background

Vang, D and Prof

3 of us before leaving MV, took this pic in front of The Garden

Last pic before our spring holidays begin...hahaha...see you guys when i got back from Sandakan

wow..i bought few mask with different flavour in SaSa, quite cheap...hehe..all of these items cost me RM 14 only!!! Promotion until 3rd of May only at the North Court of SaSa Roadshow..but i bought in the shop due to their reopen promotion...

Masks from Skinlite, a good product from Korea

The bill also long..hahaha...RM 14 only for 9 items =)
I told ah D that my mum is coming on Saturday due to our conversation in MSN, then i told him that i should ask my mum buy me a pair of shoes and bag...then he said no need lar cos MASKS ARE MOST IMPORTANT FOR ME, ask my mum to sweep all the masks then can be a bag dy...hahaha...WHAT A GOOD IDEA I SAID!!! can write a new thesis on this dy....hahaha...excited :P

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Examination time!!!

Exam started since exam last long for 3 days, yesterday took 2 subjects, today 1 subject and tmr 1 subject, then HOLIDAYS BEGIN~~~~~~~~~ Hurray...

I studied for the SOC 110 for the whole night 2 days ago, got to sleep around 6am yesterday until 7.20am woke up and prepared to college...Arrive earlier better than late! At least i can do the exam, worth it!!....Every students sure having such experience of sleeplessness for a night...this was my FIRST EXPERIENCE, i would never do it's body got bad health then.....I should sleep before 1am.....hahaha...After the SOC 11 exam, 3 of us (Ah D, Vang and me) went to Uncle John's Kopitiam took our lunch and studied there but I really didn't memorize anything, just read through because it's MCQ questions, but still I need to read the questions carefully before i do it, cos right then right, wrong then wrong....marks will gone if just use M16...Today exam quite ok too....around 10.30am I finished my exam and I walked to Summit Watson, I bought Neutrogena Cleanser/Mask with a bottle of FREE Johnson Baby Milk Bath..cost me RM 16.90...alright...

Nothing much about the exam, when you really prepared, you can do it! Believe in yourself, you think you can, of course you can!

Later I will post my photos when I am free, it's time for dinner and study for tmr's exam.....chaoz~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Relax before the exam beginssssssssssss??

Supposingly Ah D and I planned to have lunch at Mid Valley then we can take the bus U63 to the college together but I got to know that he can't make it cos if he arrived to MV, it was 11.30am, we will be late if we really eat after 11.30am at MV, so we decided eat Mc.D at Summit just next to our college....I waited him since 12pm when i arrived until 12.40pm only he appeared...he was late and he ate like a rocket...damn fast..hahaha.....ok.....again our gen psy quiz got the highest marks together but this time got 3 ppl get the same marks, so no awards being sad..hahaha...when i need money, no money comes to me, when i don't need it, it comes...hahaha...well...Ms.Aiena actually asked us to go for Thursday extra class to help her be the mentol but we couldn't make it cos both of us have things to do separately....Ah D was going to make his hairdo and I gonna meet VC...hehe....during night time chatting i told Ah D everything that i m not satisfied with....but after telling him, I'm ok...not emo both of us looking towards Thursdays~~~~~

Last Thursday, VC was coming to KL and I got to meet him at KL Sentral monorail station....we planned to stay at Replica Inn at Bukit Bintang near Jalan Alor...He paid RM 150 with deposit and the next day got back RM 42, that means the room was RM 108, quite cheap for a 3 stars hotel with this price =)

After we put our luggage in the room, we went to Sungei Wang and started our shopping plan...of course EATTING plan too......while we were walking around, VC said he was hungry and need to eat something, he said wanna eat Mc.D so I accompanied him...I bought Sundae Cone...The weather was hot enough man, the heatwave is killing me these few days!!! Then we continue our shopping journey~~~~~We had our dinner around 7pm at Kimgary, favourite!!! Then I paid RM 10 to get the monthly promotion items and the 50% discount vouchers on birthday, mother's day and father's day...yeah yeah...RM 10 worth it worth it!!! hehe......After we took our dinner, we walked a while then around 8pm we walked to Pavilion because VC wanna watch movie "The Sniper" so I booked the movie tickets on the internet at 9.20pm...we went to take our tickets at 8.10pm...then we walked around at Pavilion...We went to Times Bookstore read books because the time was still early...around 9.10pm we were at the outside of the cinema but the ppl in charge asked us to wait another 5 minutes only can go in....we took photos again before going in...hehe..:P Wow..THE SNIPER was a great movie but I still don't like Edison Chen...hahaha.....prejudice? I really don't know...just feel like he was not the person who was a sniper and top shooter...We went back to the hotel before 11.20pm, bathed and slept...Our plan for the next day was Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge...hehe...felt excited cos i never been there!!!!!!!!! wow......

Yesterday we woke up early at 7.15am, we walked from Replica Inn to KLCC then we went to Petronas Twin Tower skybridge...we line up as other visitors did...took photos again....we can take as many photos as we can whenever we go...hahaha.....really funny~~ a guy in charge asked us from where, then we said Sabah...then he wrote local in the paper and gave this paper to get the issue tickets...we got the time was 10.45am, so we went for breakfast first at Rasa Medan at the 4th floor in KLCC where i knew this food court was the cheapest in Suria KLCC ever...both of us bought food and drinks cost us RM 15...still ok lar...we still can accept it...done with breakfast, we walked to the Petrosains...took photos in it again...a fake dinosour was there....and also a F1 sport car...took photos dy, we went down to Signature food court's toilet by the lift (so details :P) cos the toilet there was free of charge...hahaha.....then we went back to the skybridge, think of line up...but we waited for a whlie...we can went in, they gave us a yellow tag each and a black glasses to watch the 3D screen which it explained about the Petronas Twin Tower...after the green tag visitors went up...we waited for a while, get all our belongings scanned, went in the lift and waited the person in charge guided us to the skybridge...she explained that the lift was in a very fast speed which was 41 seconds from the C floor to the 41th floor (skybridge) need 1 minute we were there dy...she explained everything and we got to visit the the whole KL city with the tall buildings....great! we took photos and a handsome white foreigner helped us to take a photo and we said Thanks to him.....well..of course he replied with WELCOME~ =) we were quite happy that the person in charge helped us to take photos too!! we spent about 10 minutes at there...then the person in charge said it was times up cos another colour tag's visitors were there....our group not that many we felt quite comfortable...after went down to Concourse, I got the chance to take a photo with the girl who was in charge to guide us to the skybridge...she's nice...hehe...

We walked back to Pavilion around 12 something...we went to Hong Kong Dessert Place to try on the desserts...erm...not bad...but the price was a bit $$$, we spent roughly RM 15 for the desserts (included tax)...then we went to Lowyat walked a while to see some computers items....then we shopping at Times Square again....He bought me a pair of shoes that i like it very much....I bought a piece of new clothes too....around 3 something VC hungry and we went to Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant to have our day we ate 4 times included our dinner at Little Taiwan, Sungei Wang...We went back to Sungei Wang walked again...went to MPH read books...Then we went to Gong Yam Gong Sik at Lowyat there to eat the Hong Kong Spicy Fishballs, RM 2 for 3...quite $$ too...Around 7.10pm, we went back to Replica Inn to take our luggage cos after dinner at Little Taiwan Sungei Wang, I need to get back home and VC need to go to hotel at Subang to prepare for tmr morning's Nokia Avaxx meeting...I got back home around 9.10pm and he just arrived to the hotel at Subang...

We had 2 great days together....VC is having meeting now at Subang and he gonna back to Sdk on Monday early morning...we just got to meet each other when I back to Sdk...

what a hot day it is! Gonna bath and prepare for dinner.....=)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unstress days?

After met Raymond on Saturday, I got to work on Sunday at Digital Mall with David, I was there to help him push Canon cameras, the business of the day not really good...I sold out 2 latest Canon cameras only, then the other 2 cameras were Olympus and Sony...4 cameras sold out of the day only but accessories sold out quite much...I spent RM 10.55 for my meals, lunch RM 5 (really not valueable for it, MIXED RICE ONLY!!!), RM 1.05 for Cone ice-cream at Mc.D =D I'm lovin it~ and RM 4.50 for my dinner where i bought at the mamak stall..

I woke up early around 7am on Monday morning because all the students in Sociology class were having presentation on the research that we all did. Oh my god, stomache found me!!! I thought i can out from house around 7.30am but I was i decided to walk to Asia Jaya bus-stop for around 10-15 mins, I arrived to that bus-stop at 8am...while waiting for bus, i sms Ah D see whether is he arrived or not, he told me that he was there dy at 8.30am...and I was in the bus by that time...U63 came on 8.15am and i arrived to class at around 8.45am...I saw many people wearing formal, but only i m the one who SPECIAL~ WHY? cos only I wearing short pants...hahaha.....but never mind since my group was the first group to present, around 10 to 15 minutes only we did out presentation, 4 ppl in a group...FAST YET ACCURATE EXPLAINATION!!! hehe...Vivian was still at the hospital and we got to know that she caught with denggue through calling her during Ah D and I was having lunch at Old Town White Coffee...I hope that she can join us back again cos next week is our exam week~~~~~~Hopefully she can do it very well, ALL THE BEST TO YOU, VANG~

Here was my lunch, Old Town Recommended food~Curry Mee

We were late for Interpersonal Comm class cos Ah Di wanna photostate the MUET paper for Ah Vang, so I accompanied him and when we are arrived for class, Ms.Yusnita was mentioning about what are we going to study for the exam, actually not tips but she just mentioned about which part is important and we got to take notes about it only....We got to know our assignment 1 marks too...Class ended around 2.10pm, then we went up to 10th floor to find Shantini cos wanna help Ah Vang got her MUET SLIP for the exam on 25th April at Segi College KD...and wanna get back her Assignment 1 hard copy cos the soft copy that she sent to Ms. Yusnita was contained virus and can't be open so she got to retype it again (she didn't keep backup in her laptop =.=)...poor Ah Vang~~~While waiting Shantini, Ah Di went to Bursary to pay RM 6 for the bus to KD on Saturday (MUET EXAM) and we went up to 10th floor again...Everything done...It was time to go back!!!
We saw the band performnace at ground floor...I think they are students from Diploma of Music department...GREAT PERFORMANCE~~!! TEAMWORK IS IMPORTANT~~~~~~~~~

Night time after meeting at Sri Petaling, Keat and I went to pick up Ching at Sunway Pyramid who was working till 10pm but when we arrived there, it was 11.15pm, LATE LATE LATE~~~ but Ching as his gf, she didn't voice out of that, I REALLY DAMN ADMIRED HER PATIENCE MAN! hahaha...but for me, I will be going back by my own because i cant keep waiting for my bf for an hour ++...then 3 of us went to SS2 for supper?! We went to Prince Cafe and this was my supper food...Hong Kong Chut Chin Yat Ding Instant Noodles with Egg+Luncheon Meat

Today after woke up, I did all the housework...around 1pm I felt sleepy so i got back to sleep...hahaha...for half an hour, it's time for lunch...I spent RM 3.60 for the mixed rice...then around 2 something I went to Digital Mall to get the item below! And wanna get my salary on Sunday too from David, my boss..hehe...he spent me drinks...and we chatted for few hours, I got back home around a net....dinner.....slept at 8.46pm to 10.15pm cos I felt tiring...then woke up brush teeth....back to the internet again......




Saturday, April 18, 2009

Raymond Lam ROCKSSSSSSSSS~~~ Yeah Yeah~~~

Yesterday I saw about this advertisement on 8tv and my housemate knew about it so she told me Raymond is coming today at Sunway Pyramid.....and last night I gonna figure out the time....This is what I have found on the Sunway Pyramid website...all about AliCafe, oh my god, the ambassador is my favourite singer/ star!!! RAYMOND LAM~~~~~~~~~~~ He is coming today at Sunway Pyramid of promoting AliCafe...Great, I SAW HIM oh yeah!

This is the poster of AliCafe with the Hong Kong artist, Raymond Lam as the ambassador...

I love Raymond Lam!!! He is handsome yet adorable...yeah!

What I saw on the website was 12pm, but when I arrived there before 12pm, the background stated 1.30pm, so I was keep waiting and waiting until those MC came to entertain the audiences....

There were the MC of the day who were from 8tv...
They were entertaining the audiences...

Games time for the audiences...WHOSE MATHS IS THE BEST?!

The fastest person who got the answers?! All of them got a goodies bag after the game...

Gary was there who was one of the MC of the day...

The fans club of Raymond Lam made a big poster of Raymond...what a great team!!! The MC showed it to the audiences...

Oh yeah...RAYMOND WAS THERE!!! Saying Hi to all the audiences!!!

The MC were communicating with Raymond as what actually we wanna know more about Raymond, how's Raymond recently...what is he doing right now...

got to capture Lam Fung.....he was answering the MC's questions...

He was talking and not singing

Explaining his life...Why he choose AliCafe?


He looked like he was singing, didn't he?

Many of the girls fans got killed of his smile...hahaha

The Raymond Lam's background photo


Looked so happy?

He drank the tin of AliCafe


Funny pic...This was because when the MC said AliCafe got Raymond's taste and smell =.= hahaha....this scenario made him wanna vomit!!!


Don't know who was this little girl, she was the first who got Raymond's signature and SHE CAN EVEN TAKE PHOTO WITH HIM WHILE WE CAN'T!!! VIP'S DAUGHTER?! =.= NOT FAIR!!!!!!! hahaha....ok nvm...=)

After I got his signature, I went to LG1 and took this pic, all people was excited to get his signature on the poster!!! Even me of course =D The near shot~~

FAR SHOT~~~ WOW~~~a SOCIETY of audiences... hahaha

WOW~~~~~ it's overed my lunch time but nvm, at least i got Raymond's signature, it's worth to starve for 2 to take lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, I spend RM 13.30 on my lunch...great day!

Took this photo of the poster for my sister and sent her by msn...Should i stick it on the wall or i should hide it, bring back to hometown?? I still thinking about it...hehe...=)

Ok, done with Raymond's thingy....Now I should post what was happening just now... it was 7 something and I took the poster and the video in my camera to show to my housemates, after they saw then they asked me about this and that...ops...not longer time, the daughter got argued with the mother because of the mother helped her ironed a ESPIRIT long pants and made the pants seen as not new as what she wanted to week argued for 3 times because of the small little sad....after not longer, argue again BECAUSE OF THE MOTHER DIDN'T ASK THE DAUGHTER WHETHER SHE WANTED TO EAT OR NOT AFTER THE FATHER BOUGHT FOOD FROM THE OUTSIDE...haih....such a little thingy, can argue till related to money again.....about my landlord's right leg operation on May =.= really made me sweat because of that...ok nvm, both of the old couple again....ARGUE BECAUSE OF THE FAMILY PROB, ALL BECAUSE OF MONEY AGAIN LAR.......adui....what for argue so much lar, keep on arguing also cant settle the prob also, better be silence and think of how to solve prob and not create probs....I don't wanna care and just go to bath...Rest time so i blogged of those nice photos of Raymond that i going to work at Digital Mall at DY Divine...
-the end-