Saturday, October 17, 2009 month never touch my blog....bad bad bad....

well well.......a month was overed....and i never touch my blog due to busy, busy and busy...and also lazy lol.......tiring after got back from college and events and yet trips?!

i will post some photos of the trips that i went with friends...
we went to Pulau Ketam, Malacca and Orchid Garden too.....for photography purpose....these trips were great!!!!! wow....we enjoyed it very much and had fun!!!!

I went to Genting Highlands with my secondary school's friends too......oh my god......first time tried to sleep in the morning 7am!!!! wah...everybody tired.....but still enjoyed yeah....

Photos will be upload when i am free =)
It's drama time back~~~ hehe.......night!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Wow.....damn long time din blog......haha....

ok..during my August holidays, i went to Hong Kong and China with my mum on 4th of Aug to 11th of Aug. During the first day, i arrived to Macau Airport, then shifted to Zhuhai, stayed one night....
what the heck man! there was raining heavily and the strong wind was disturbing our trip.....haih.....after our dinner, then we walked a while, bought some clothes....back to hotel and sleep....waited for another day come...

Mum and I hoped that the day would be better after 4th, but on the 5th, it was still raining and we left to Guangzhou by bus for 2 hours, cost us RMB75 per person, that means RM 40.10...

Yeah...finally arrived to Guangzhou, it was stopped raining and we had fun with our hotel and the shops around the town area...we went for dinner (by the time we reached to Lido Hotel was around 6pm ++) at Zhen Gong Fu, the franchise at China, they used Bruce Lee as the ambassador for the shop's name....lolx...then we shopped but we din buy anything there...but the next day, we bought clothes and last i can shop puas-puas as what i wanted to do...lolx

okay...after the morning shopping at Xiang Xia Jiu Road and we had our dessert, xiong pei lai.....we left to our next destination, here, the weather was damn hot man! I really can't stand it...after we arrived to the Long Heng Ge Hotel, we had our dinner at the nearby Xin Du Restaurant, the service there was damn fast! after order may be 5 to 10 minutes, our food were served...SO FAST?! MASAK OR NOT?! luckily no cirit-birit, if not sure i go sue them....hahaha....

the next morning, mum said let's went to the hotel that dad said, Xin Du Hui Hotel that restaurant to have our brunch, that's DIM SUM~~~~~ what i love the most for morning breakfast LOLX...we took the shuttle van that was nearby our hotel and went to the hotel.....what an amazing hotel!! i think it is range as 5 stars or 6 stars hotel...the room rates are damn damn damn expensive....RMB 2000 ++, means RM don't care it...cos it was the time to care our stomach, let our stomach be full....before that , we bought bus tickets to hong kong as well, RMB 80 per person for 2 hours ++ car then, on the way to HK, we still need to change another van to pick us, from a China man to a it is quite good cos we no need went down from the car and went for investigation at the immigration department...

We stayed at Hong Kong for 3 days, by the day we arrived to HK, after put our luggage in the motel at Xin Si Building, Wong Kok....night time we went to Tsim Sha Tsui and sing gong dai dou took photos of hong kong night view...really fantastic!!!

ok..the next day, cos of waking up we just went around Hong Kong Kowloon area such as Chung Wan, Causeway Bay, Jordan, Temple Street, Tong Choi Street....mostly ate the food at HK such as chau tau foo, gei dan zai, drank the snowy hui lao shan, milk tea, and curry fish balls...yummy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another day began, HONG KONG DISNEYLAND DAY!!!!!!!!! was a Sunday...what a fantastic day it was....
I had taken quite much photos, up to 1000++ photos for the whole trip.....u guys can see it through my facebook....

after the disneyland day, we went to Shenzhen on the next day. We stayed with our relatives at Guan Lan area, what a big house! 3 floors man! rich relatives~~~~~~ a very cute baby was there and he needed to call me as (in chinese as "gu jie" cos he was my cousin's brother's son...LOL...

wow...7 days's time went back to Malaysia...11th of Aug......I arrived home around 7pm while mum was on flight back to Sandakan.....tired trip but yet am still satisfied with it...=)

that's all for blogging of my HK and China trip~~~~~~~~~next day then blog about another happeningssss....=)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Before, during and after the Revolution Party on 17.07.09 (Friday)

After Story presentation, group pic

Amy and Alvin, Rap gang

Eddie and Yee Kit, rap gang



Nicholas funny look!!!!!! muahahaha.....Nick, don't ask me to delete it.....u should proud of I updated my blog with one of your photo in it....hahahaha

I am not serious lar, Eddie ....see got smile ma.....hahaha

Peace!!! ^V^


WOW...i like it!!!



Yi Ling and Amy

Silly Vivian LOL

During the revolution party...

3 of us


Two MC of the night

Performance from SCSJ!!!!!!!!!!

Nick got the tshirt (M size) for free after he got up to the stage and answered the simple questions from the was his dream when he told us in the car lolx

HIGH HIGH HIGH!!!!!!! I LIKE THE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!

Pastor Kenneth Chin is a great talker....great speaker....he said he had a kungfu stories wouldn't made us wouldn't be a great night without his stories along....

After the end of the Revolution Party

Group pic with our lecturer, Ms. Jaime


Some of them were representing from SCSJ

3 of us before leaving home

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SCSJ Midsummer Night's Dream Prom Night on 10.07.09 (Fri)

Let's view the photos...
Am done! Prepared for prom!

Aaron and Amy

Group pic before went in to the ballroom

Vvian and Amy

I like this photo

Eddie and Amy

Full black attire... LOLX

Just arrived to my table no.10, then get called up to the stage for the MJ's Game

They were very excited to dance~!

Get the lolipop on stage after the games

The table's romantic decoration with candles

Dance from the members of Fayette House


Wow!!! I admired this!!!

3 MCs of the night

The Agenda for Prom

Singing from the Staffs

Getting excited and high LOLX


Ms.Jaime can play keyboard very well!!!

Ballet dance

The crowds

Amy and Vivian

Romantic feel

Aaron and Amy


The prom king and prom queen session

I supported them but the first group won~

Handsome and Pretty LOLX

F4 lolx
Ms. Jaime and 3 of us

Sara, Amy and Glenda

Princess Amy LOLX

4 princess

Best photo of the night of E.A.V.

I like the background but the photo was blur

Before leaving the ballroom after the prom

Amy, Usha and Thanuja

Amelia and Amy

Amy and Felicia

Amy and Yee Kit

Amy and Xiang

Harmonie and Amy

JoJo and Amy

Chelsea and Amy

Evelyn and Amy

Benny and Amy
Before leaving...snapped with Vivian

The banner

Happy night!
I like my crown LOLX

The prom ticket decoration

Got vouchers somemore...