Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Before, during and after the Revolution Party on 17.07.09 (Friday)

After Story presentation, group pic

Amy and Alvin, Rap gang

Eddie and Yee Kit, rap gang



Nicholas funny look!!!!!! muahahaha.....Nick, don't ask me to delete it.....u should proud of I updated my blog with one of your photo in it....hahahaha

I am not serious lar, Eddie ....see got smile ma.....hahaha

Peace!!! ^V^


WOW...i like it!!!



Yi Ling and Amy

Silly Vivian LOL

During the revolution party...

3 of us


Two MC of the night

Performance from SCSJ!!!!!!!!!!

Nick got the tshirt (M size) for free after he got up to the stage and answered the simple questions from the MC...it was his dream when he told us in the car lolx

HIGH HIGH HIGH!!!!!!! I LIKE THE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!

Pastor Kenneth Chin is a great talker....great speaker....he said he had a kungfu grandma....lol....his stories wouldn't made us bored....wow.....it wouldn't be a great night without his stories along....

After the end of the Revolution Party

Group pic with our lecturer, Ms. Jaime


hehe...my prof sign ...lolx

Some of them were representing from SCSJ

3 of us before leaving home

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SCSJ Midsummer Night's Dream Prom Night on 10.07.09 (Fri)

Let's view the photos...
Am done! Prepared for prom!

Aaron and Amy

Group pic before went in to the ballroom

Vvian and Amy

I like this photo

Eddie and Amy

Full black attire... LOLX

Just arrived to my table no.10, then get called up to the stage for the MJ's Game

They were very excited to dance~!

Get the lolipop on stage after the games

The table's romantic decoration with candles

Dance from the members of Fayette House


Wow!!! I admired this!!!

3 MCs of the night

The Agenda for Prom

Singing from the Staffs

Getting excited and high LOLX


Ms.Jaime can play keyboard very well!!!

Ballet dance

The crowds

Amy and Vivian

Romantic feel

Aaron and Amy


The prom king and prom queen session

I supported them but the first group won~

Handsome and Pretty LOLX

F4 lolx
Ms. Jaime and 3 of us

Sara, Amy and Glenda

Princess Amy LOLX

4 princess

Best photo of the night of E.A.V.

I like the background but the photo was blur

Before leaving the ballroom after the prom

Amy, Usha and Thanuja

Amelia and Amy

Amy and Felicia

Amy and Yee Kit

Amy and Xiang

Harmonie and Amy

JoJo and Amy

Chelsea and Amy

Evelyn and Amy

Benny and Amy
Before leaving...snapped with Vivian

The banner

Happy night!
I like my crown LOLX

The prom ticket decoration

Got vouchers somemore...